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(Why does it make people feel more "real" or trustworthy rn just bc they have an Insta, even though Catfishing abounds, and/or it's no guarantee they're advising you appropriately? Weird, right? But that's cool, let's have fun with it ourselves, away from the spammers, ghosts and trolls!)

The Curious Katydid.png

Sunday Live!
Join me every Sunday,
6:45-9ishAM EST on
TikTok, Live, 

for a Travel-Vlog-Style Tour somewhere in NY's Hudson Valley! Good for general audiences. Who knows what will happen... I usually don't! ;)


Replays and Bonus goodies can be found on YouTube


(yes, same name as TT!) 

As seen on TikTok:

Traveling life, outside and inside...
What IS all this? And what's possible?

Hi, I'm Katie! I'm a
Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
Travel Vlogger, Writer,
Sex Educator and perpetually curious human being just like you, mushing it all together to explore life and have some fun.
Come check out everything I offer & pick what you like...
Let's explore life together!

Here's a bunch of stuff I currently offer, in addition to TikTok:


audiobooks, meditations, 

community chit chat... Let's Relax Together!

An extension of our TikTok Community, for general audiences, inspired by your feedback!


(Now Live!

User name: TheCuriousKatydid)

exploring sexuality:

sex & dating how-tos,

travel vlogs about sexy things (what IS a nudist camp like, for example?I'm curious!...), and erotic iterations of my relaxation offerings, like love letters, audiobooks and asmr experiences. For Legal Adults only. 

Have a thought about us working together, but it's something you don't see here? Email me with proposals

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